When it comes time for daylight savings time every year, people struggle to remember how to adjust their cars' digital clocks.

Adding an hour on the last Saturday of March and going back an hour on the last Saturday of October is easy to remember, but it can be difficult to remember what each button does in your car. So, this is a complete guide on how to adjust your brand-new Toyota car clock, to make your life a little bit easier,

Generally speaking, clocks can be categorized into two types:

  • Adjustable by physical buttons
  • Adjusted via in-car menus.

Adjustable by Physical Buttons

On the Land Cruiser, C-HR, Yaris, and GT86, the clock can be adjusted by pressing physical buttons near the clock display. Prius models are the only exception, where the buttons are located beneath the hazard warning switch on the center console.

It may have two or three buttons: 'H', 'M', and '00' depending on the model. The clock advances one hour by pressing the 'H' button, and one minute by pressing the 'M' button. It rounds up to the nearest hour if a '00' button is present.

C-HRs from 2022 don't have physical buttons. You can now go into the settings screen on the home page after closing Apply Carplay / Android Auto. Select a date and time. Click on Daylight savings and the time will be updated automatically with the next change.  Also, turn on "the "Automatically Set" option at the top right.

Adjusted via In-Car Menus

Using the steering wheel buttons, you can access the correct settings menu for models with a clock integrated into the instrument cluster.

Press and hold the DISP button on the steering wheel while your vehicle is stopped to enter adjustment mode.

By holding down the DISP button, select 'Clock.' The hours will be highlighted, and the clock will advance by one hour when you press the DISP button.

Confirm the hours by waiting five seconds, and then set the minutes by following the same process. Once you have set the minutes, wait five seconds before confirming the time.

Aygos equipped with multimedia systems adjust their clocks using a menu-based system as well. From the onscreen menu, press 'Menu/Select', then click 'Setup', and then click 'General'. Finally, click 'Clock'. Following this screen, you can set the minutes to 00, cycle through the hours, and also choose whether the time is displayed in 12- or 24-hour format. 

What If You Have an Older Toyota?

It is likely that the instructions above will cover most Toyota models from the past few years. If not, you can find specific instructions regarding your vehicle by downloading the owner's manual from Toyota's official website. Register your vehicle for your MyToyota account, and you'll be able to access your vehicle's manual immediately.

If you have any questions about how your Toyota works, feel free to visit Interstate Toyota for assistance or contact us, our team will be happy to assist!


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